Any newer really good books out on UE4?

I know the answer to this question doesn’t change very frequently, and I wanted to ask anyway incase something great has been released in the past couple of years. Is there any good single book (or maybe two books) that are good resources for a new UE4 user? I’m not new to 3D stuff, just UE4. Books that cover versions around 4.8 or newer, or so.

I’ve been assuming that there’s nothing really great out in the past couple of years, and maybe my assumption is wrong.

Books aren’t as useful for stuff like this, since the engine changes so fast and it takes a while for a book to get published they become obsolete before they come out.

If I was going to start today, I would look at some of the good (and cheap) Udemy’s course covering Gamedev and Unreal too.

Nice to see Udemy’s picking up the slack … plural sight has seem to forgotten unreal… And yes the forums and other resources are very nice for keeping up on engine changes/more advanced topics but I found starting out all the resources on unreals site were … well overwhelming. Being a great unreal dev/programmer does not make you a great teacher. A lot of the time they forget new comers dont know the editor yet and how to do basic things. So they answer the question as a programmer would want an answer not a new comer.

I think that has something to do with unreals new site layout… Now that i know more I dont care for it lol (A lot of new comer howtos and you need to scroll way down to find the api links etc)… but back in the day it would have saved me many hours of searching

Yeah I know that any book will be “out of date” the next time the engine is incremented after the book is printed, that’s true. For the basics of UE4, I don’t think those change very much from version to version, though. I’m watching some video tutorials made with a pre-release version of 4.0, and it is very close to what I have installed with 4.19. I’m easily able to follow along with these 4 year old videos, no problem.

Are there no good books released in the last 4 years on Unreal Engine, covering UE4? I don’t really trust Amazon reviews.

I’m not doing game development, if that matters. I’m doing more enterprisey stuff with visualization.

Lots of concepts do apply. There are always Youtube videos and the forums here to help out.