Any Network information about the clients or connection events?

Hey guys,

after using google, the answer hub, the forum, etc. i need someone to help me with some Question about the Networksystem.

The Replication System is all understood (i guess), but i need a bit more. First to say, till now i am afraid of working myself into c++ (knowing c, c# it won’t be that hard, but im very content with the BP System).
So it would be nice, if you could offer a link, which i probably missed if it exists, to a good Dokumentation about a c++ solution.

Ok, so the problem i have:

I’m searching for functions that give the client data. For example the IP. Is there a way to get the IPs of connected clients as server? And if, is the are way to use them in Blueprints?
I want to be able to track ips or even hardwareids.

I’m also searching function that are called when a player connects. I can’t find a single function/event that fires off when a client connects, for the server and/or for the client.
I know i could work around if i just make a Map loaded on connect and in its blueprint i specify functions that are called for clients or server. But still i’m missing client data and i can’t find anyone who also needs them.

Don’t know why all fo you don’t need them or if it’s normal to have this data if you work with c++.
Nothing of it is answered by anyone ): Or at least i’m too dumb to find it.

I hope someone can enlighten me.