ANY mouse click registers as left mouse click


Odd issue here. I am using a Logitech gaming mouse and appear to have run into an issue where any mouse click (left, right, middle, forward, back) registers as a left click. The engine seems unable to differentiate the separate clicks as their own event…

Anyone run into this issue? Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

Here is the custom PlayerController BP:


Nah, the engine recognises clicks well. Show us where and how you execute a mouse click.

Added a couple of screenshots. All of my click / tap logic is inside a custom player controller. My player pawn is merely a camera with a couple unrelated methods. I enable the controller in my game mode in the world settings.

Ah, I see. For starters, LMB and RMB are native controller events, there’s no need to create a custom mapping for it:

So what’s the real issue here? You press RMB and it prints Left?

The end user will not use both, right so that should not be a worry in the first place. Or you’re building something special?

In the project settings, are you allowing mouse to be used as touch?

That is what I had originally but went with the action mappings to troubleshoot some. I’ll switch them back. The issue happens with either event though.

Here is the full player controller:

nothing prints oddly, but the logic runs. middle mouse button, forward, back all kick off all the logic

Tbh, it should work with custom mapping, too. Just tested it like so:


Is there a case where the left mouse button prints Right?

Something odd is happening outside of the controller… Do you have a way to chat?? Discord?

I completely disconnected all the click events and attached them to a print, that is it. when i play in game nothing prints on any click, but the logic runs???

Sorry to spam, but question. Is the touch input consuming any mouse click? I think that might be it. How do i make them separate if this is the case?

SMH yes that option was checked (not sure if default) but with the mouse events disconnected, the touch input was still firing because the mouse clicks were touch. Apparently that option doesn’t differentiate left, right, middle click…

If you’d like the points, you can post this as an answer, in my case this option was the issue. I was not building something special.

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Almost all credit goes to @Everynone for helping me troubleshoot the issue here.

In my specific case, the project settings option “Use mouse for touch” was checked. This caused the touch input events in my player controller to fire regardless of the click type I used (left mouse, right mouse, middle, forward, back etc.). Use mouse for touch seems to override any click events you call in your blueprints.

Here is the option I now have UNCHECKED:

This will keep your mouse events and touch events separate.