Any MODO users explain their units to me?

My friend from work and i are working on a project in our spare time. I’ve built all my proxy assets in modo using meters. i have for example 1x1x1m cube. My friend was running around in our game, he added some lights and he said my scale is wrong? i asked him what does he mean, i’ve exported out a cube from UE and it showed up exactly 1m in modo. he said the scene scale is off because a light needs a power of like…1,000,000 to really start affecting the world. i told him that’s because the lights are like…100m off the ground sometimes.

i tried exporting out my 1m cube from modo and i set the fbx export units to cm, that 1m cube is now about the size of a pinky toe. i’m not sure who is wrong or right? can someone explain what i may have done wrong here? this is really driving me insane atm.