Any method to have sequencer record dynamically created Text, Particles, and Sound?

I have tried everything I can think of, so any pointers would be appreciated. Is there any way, to have just a camera, or cine camera, to record what is dynamically generated in a level?
I.E. I have a blueprint, that is controlling the displaying of Text (via Text component, one letter at a time). A Particle component (explosion when the letter appears), as well as a sound cue playing.

I would think this would be easy to do with sequencer, as all it needs to do is record, it doesn’t need to sequence anything at all, the blueprint is controlling the timing of the Text, Explosion, and starting up the sound cue.

Yet no matter what I try nothing is recorded, it always tells me in the recorded sequence, that the particle doesn’t exist anymore (well DUH, of course it doesn’t, it’s an explosion), nor does it even see the Text at all, the text never shows up in the sequence, and there is no audio recorded at all. The blueprint has been set up as the actor to record, etc. yet there is absolutely nothing.

This just seems so simple, such as, Position the blueprint where I wish it to be, set up camera’s to capture the Text, Explosions, and set up an audio track for the sound, and crank it up. 12 seconds later, there should be recording that I wish to have. Yet this is all to no avail.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,