Any method for exporting a posed Metahuman as an FBX mesh for 3D printing?

Hello! We’re trying to do an open house at our company, and wanted to do a 3D print of our posed characters. Simply selecting the metahuman and clicking “Actor → Convert ´BP_MetaHumanNameHere´ to Static Mesh” churns out a hairless version of the character posed in the default clothing.

We’re using udraper ( ) to dress our characters as doctors, and have gotten around to animating them accordingly, yet we can’t seem to save an FBX that has their added clothing intact, nor hair, for that matter.

Any help would be appreciated!

^Our Metahuman, with his added clothing standing in default pose

^Hairless mesh upon conversion

^The same mesh, further away. The LOD’s degenerate into a glitched web

Hair won’t ever export. Grooms are an engine only BS thing.

Clothing you would probably need to export separately and re-assemble.

Generally, you can export an Animation and select to also export the mesh.

So save the pose as an animation, then export that animation.
For every piece of clothing.

Then deal with creating the hair from scratch in a way that can 3d print.

Then merge it all to a single object. Delete internal faces. Make sure its as manifold as it can be (nose holes, ear holes, etc).

Take it to cura or similar. Add supports where needed. Probably under the hands.
Definitely under the lab coat if its down to the knees, not necessarily that short.

And print away for 12 hours…

Note that you probably have to remove the gaps between the labcoat and the model below it entierly or you are just going to print a mess.

I’ve been able to download the FBX mesh in the default pose but when I pose the metahuman as I want it and then export it but all I get is the default pose with a load of markers . How do I get the model in the pose I thought I exported.