Any means of changing project build directories and intermediate folders?

I have my system highly partioned, and the partition I installed Unreal to is not large enough to hold the 40 to 50 gigs of Unreal, and the additional gigs compiling a project for the first time requires. (previous project was built on Windows, and I need to rebuild it for Linux)

I found ways of changing the DerivedDataCache’s location with: Path="%GAMEDIR%LocalDerivedDataCache"` but it’s mostly the intermediate folder taking up space. How can I change to using the project’s intermediate folder, and not Unreal’s?

If trying to move that folder would break the engine. I can just symlink it somewhere else. Is Unreal able to follow symlinks?

Ok, I symlinked the intermediate folder to my projects folder. But, I can’t symlink the binary folder to my project folder. How do I compile to the binary folder in my project?