Any major changes to EQS and AI tools - especially 3D navigation?

Hello, I’ve recently started exploring the AI tools in UE4 (mostly the Behavior Tree, Navmesh, and EQS system). I’m curious as to whether UE5 will offer any major developments on these tools, and I’m particularly interested to know if there’ll be any “out of the box” navigation, environment-query, and perception tools that will work in 3d space, rather than the current 2d navmesh and associated EQS.

I’ve had a quick search around, but I can’t find much information about these things.


Nothing seems to change fundamentally in those areas, nope.

Seems like something is happening in the AI department, a few commits have been made since yesterday to UE5-main:

Mostly (all?) plugins

AI Behaviors
“Encapsulated fire-and-forget behaviors for AI agents”

Smart Objects
“Support for ambient life populating the game world”

“AI-specific functionality extenting MassGameplay”

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Both those links give me 404 errors, as does “

Do I needed to be signed up / logged in somehow?

Yes, you need to be logged into your github account and you need to have set up access to your Epic account from it.

I would note that the descriptions are vague so unless you can read the C++ code to figure out how it works, you’re probably better off just waiting for the feature release docs. I don’t understand what it does, all I know is something definitely seems to be coming with regard to AI.

My Github and Unreal accounts were already connected, although I’m not used to using Github, do I need to add the Unreal repository or something?

Anyway, thanks for the info, I wouldn’t have even known that it was possible to look at the recent commits to the UE5 code base like that. I’ve been using C++ only recently, so it would take me a long time to look through and see what’s happening.