Any jumping mechanic tutorials out there?

anyone know how to adjust jumping mechanics to inherit the velocity of a moving platform? (udk3)
i’m working on a game that revolves around a peculiar gimmick that i can’t pull off without a realistic jumping mechanic.
anyways, the gimmick is using left and right xpad triggers to slow/speedup matinee of moving platforms to move around an environment. (which i also have yet to figure out how to do[if you could point me in the right direction i would love you]).

Can you detect the collision with the platform and calculate the movement of the platform like they do for the character in the animation BP?

i don’t know how to do that, but if i could figure that out then i wouldn’t be too far away from what i need. haha

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Theoretically I would think you can make a BP object out of the platform with a collision volume in it and give it a name. Simular to the lamp tutorial by epic for turning the light on and off. Except when u collide with it you store the reference to the object in your main character.

Then remove the reference to the actor when leaving the collision volume.

While u have the volume you can get its velocity and add it to yous when u jump. that way u can jump on the platform and u move with it and not just fall off. or have it add its velocity to yours for a run jump.