Any Interest In Blueprint Starter Kits?


I’m the author of several Unity and PlayMaker (Visual scripting extension for Unity) based starter kits. You can check them here

These are available from Unity Asset Store and my own e-store. I was wondering if there’s any interest in this community for Blueprint Version of these Starter Kits.

Also, I’ve just finished publishing

Heist PlayMaker Kit

and resumed working on this one

Old School RPG PlayMaker Kit

Also, I’m open to suggestion for future starter kits. Let me know the interest level, then I’ll start porting the existing and make Blueprint versions for upcoming kits.


I think there will be a demand for this kind of stuff. Even if just to see how things can be done. The Heist game looks interesting. But currently, the Marketplace is not yet available for the public. So you won’t be able to sell your projects yet. If you want to give them away, even better :slight_smile:

I think given how approachable UE4 is you could probably find a fair bit of interest. Even if I never purchase any of your work, the more quality stuff in the marketplace the better!

I would be more inclined to pay for tutorials. See my goal is learning and building, not just dropping in other people’s work. So if you were to do something like this maybe do it as a two-fold project where you explain how and why you do things and how they are working etc etc. Right now the community is just budding and is in search of more knowledge. To see it thrive more people that have the skills should step forward and share what they know.

As I actually get things to work I reach out to the community to see if it is the most efficient way and then I share it with others that have similar needs or concerns. When I finish my project I plan to release a full overview of how all the systems work similar to how Soulus did :slight_smile: