Any Interest? AI Military Enemies pack

Hey there, a 3D designer/animator and myself and are thinking of collaborating to produce this submission for the Marketplace - do you think there is legitimate demand? Would you consider buying it if it were on Marketplace?

Here is the project scope - we plan to sell it for around $65:

AI Driven Military Enemies Pack

Project description:

A set of AI driven enemies ready to drag and drop that will enable your project with hostile NPCs.
This package is complete with high quality and pre-set up meshes, rigs and animations for all vehicles.
The SoldierAI uses sample animations and the default model but a tutorial is included to show you
how to add your own Marketplace or Mixamo Fuse characters and animations, and your Marketplace gun
assets, to bulk out your game’s cast very quickly.


-100% BP Class-based Ground and air reactive and offensive AI driven enemies for Unreal4

-Multiplayer Support

-Support for First person, Third Person and Sidescroller

-Soldier AI parent class
–set up with unreal4 skeleton for flexibility - quickly swapped for Mixamo and/or Marketplace assets
–Presets for Assault rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, Rocket Launcher

-Ground Vehicle AI parent class
–custom assets and preset child blueprints: tank, light transport

-Turret AI parent class
–custom assets and preset child blueprints: assorted turrets (Heavy, Light, Interior Ceiling)

-Heliopter AI parent class
–custom assets and preset child blueprints: helicopter

-All parent classes are easily modified, and many child blueprints can be created with parameters to produce
a vast and varied hostile cast to your project.

Would be useful

Thinking ahead though Vis is becoming very popular and it seems MMO type games is up there as far as needed AI goes so an AI with just digital people walking around, or generally getting in the way, would be marketable.

Either case if it’s a solid AI package I would pay 65 bucks for it even though I don’t have a real use for it right now.

Hi FrankieV - thanks for the feedback!

As for Vis, this package could be used for that purpose but it has been developed for multiplayer combat so a lot of unnecessary overhead… But I have thought about what you suggest, namely a separate submission for a wandering people AI and spline-driven car traffic for populating vis maps. If anyone reading this also wants the Vis AI pack, please let me know :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. Would the AI vehicles be able to navigate, especially the aircraft - can will they navigate over tree lines etc?

Will the different soldiers have different behaviours depending on weapon type?

My game will need robust flexible military AI so if yours fits the bill or gives my own AI a starting place then I would be a day one buyer.



I would be interested in this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments!

As for the AI behaviour, parameters for weapon type preset, firerate, accuracy are separate from initial detection range, target acquisition/start firing range, ideal attack range, and melee/run away range (toggle-able) you would be able to easily create a child class with the behaviour you think right for your weapon. All AI also comes with ‘Difficulty’ setting for easy scaling of movement speed, health, damage resistance and so on without needing to create separate BPs)

For the ground vehicles (and soldiers), they follow navmesh so would absolutely be able to navigate and avoid objects to chase and hunt your player down.

For the helicopter - this is the part I am still developing, I am investigating several ways to accomplish realistic AI flying in and out of navmesh areas

Sounds good so far.

I’m interested. I wanted to make a team based multiplayer game with 2-4 players and AI bots. I’m going to assume you can set the AI to be on the player’s side if you wanted?

Absolutely, the bots can be on the side of the player and if your project is just AI vs player its supported out the box, with bot teams. If your game needs separate player teams with AI for each it would require some tweaking, but I would be happy to work with you and include that functionality to the product with a tutorial to set it up fast.

This sounds really great, hoping to hear more about this projects progress

Hey 2sneaky

I could to suggest: respawn system for both, bots and players, functional weapons, HUD, crouch, evade, agro range, run away, patrol, cover system, factions, neutrals, teams, difficulty level, and damage system?

Yes, I have interest!