Any insight on how to manipulate feeding trough range?

Attempting to manipulate feeding trough range, and haven’t been able to find where this is defined. Have tried MaxInventoryAccessDistance in the trough’s inventory, and that has been about the closest I’ve seen. Have also dug through Dino_Character_BP and all the trough blueprints and inventory. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

I tried to ask the same not so long ago. Got no replies back then :3 So yeah, I’m interested too.

I had thought about this myself, I did see there is ‘Max Inventory Access Distance’ in the Primal Inventory of the Feeding Trough but not had a chance to test if it has the required effect…

Still cant find that thing. I think still none know it

Max inventory access distance is the maximum distance in units for a player to be able to press E to access the inventory of said object.