Any ideas on how to get LandScape Grasstypes to work on non-landscape/ standard static meshes?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/luck on how to get Epics built in Landscape GrassTypes to automatically fill a normal static mesh that has a material using it with the grasstype/meshes. Unfortunately it seems like it’s not built to be placed on a standard static mesh.

I did create my own custom grass model spawner blueprint, that makes a grid of points, and uses that grid of points to add instances of the model to a hierarchical instanced static mesh. I also created another blueprint that’s a box volume, and removes any instances/indexes of the grass within its volume which I could then place around buildings so the grass doesn’t spawn inside the volume/clip through the floors.

What I’d really like though is something very similar to the landscape grasstype functionality, so all I have to do is assign a material and poof, that materials filled with grass models/fadesinout like it does in the normal landscape grasstype.

Anyone have any ideas or am I stuck with my box/grid placement? It’s not as bad as manually placing each instance by hand, but still not as fast as just having the grass spawn on a material. Reason why I’m not using the landscape and instead am using static meshes is it’s a procedurally generated map from a series of blueprint tiles, so there’s actually nothing in the editor viewport I can paint grass on/use landscape layers.