Any Ideas on how to build Territory System?

I want to recreate the Territory system from the settlers 6 in ue4
The System: The howl map(red mark on the image) is diveded in territories and the borders are marked by stone(light blue mark).

My Goal would be to paint the territories on the map in the editor and then let a BP spawn the stone at the start of the game. The BP should also act as a hitbox for any Player that enter the territory. My first Idear would be that I create an actor based of an TerritoryTexture is that possible? Didnt find anything like that yet on the internet.

I am still strugelling with finding an answer for this problem

Hi man, i think a simple solution is make a geometry with the Region shapes.
from there you can surely build a blueprint to spawn the flags all around the region at certain distance.(maybe in the construct event )
Use the geometry with custom overlap to get the actors who enter and leave too.

PS: Maybe is better leave the answer to 0, i usually scroll down to help someone that noone have answered, but sometimes we dont know the answer too :slight_smile: