Any idea why GPUlightmass looks like this on Android?

Any tips or is this officially a bug?

Trying to get gpulightmass on Android. i find it far superior on GPU. The shadows seems more accurate. Heres a scren shot. Left is CPU and Right is GPU. Both are exact same 100% except cpu vs gpu.

Pay attention to the sun… notice how its better on GPU? Theres even a sun beam missing on the cpu. Never knew it was missing until i did the gpulightmass

Here’s another shot. I really light the sun on gpu. Also noticed the scene is a bit darker but can be fixed with the exposure settings. Hope a more advanced user chimes in and points to the correct answer about android ports using gpu.

Ahh… just realised something. Rebuild the light on the CPU just to test the sun. I switched it from Static to STATIONARY. And that fixed the sun missing the 2nd beam. But look at the difference now… (marked with red arrows) Notice hot the sun has sharper edges on the cpu? Which one looks more realistic in your viewpoint? In terms of shadow softness compared to real world. Also noticed doing that switch on the direct light also fixed the Exposure to match the gpu

Hi, don’t have any answers for your questions…just more questions.

Did you have any problems getting the GPU baked project to Android? Trying to evaluate if this feature could be used for Quest development. Cheers.

Absolutely ZERO errors inside Android. Launches just fine. Loads fine. Just the lightmap needs to be rebuild shows up every time. I tried lots of things and nothimg fixes it. The hotfix 4.26.1 also has this issue unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply. Sad to hear that GPU lightmass is causing so many strange issues.
I’ll probably just summon my patience and wait until it matures before diving in.

works great for PC. But for Android… haven’t found a solution and very little responses from members here

Are you using a RTX GPU? I’ve had no luck even on PC using a GTX1080TI.

Using a rtx207 with updated drivers. Even tried the nvidia studio drivers. same issue.

Ok… got some new info on this. Looks like the denoiser is not being applied. If i do a live SLOW MODE gpu rendering and disable DENOISER… It looks like my screenshot. Dots everywhere. So my question would be… could the new denoised maps not being applied or not allowed to over write the CPU denoised maps? Does anyone know where the light maps get saved at? what directory?