Any HUD Tutorials out there?

Hey Guys,

Is there any HUD Blueprint tutorials out there? With some Touch/Click interaction?


Unfortunately we are lacking in this department currently. Being a HUD/UI designer I feel denied as I used Scaleform and cannot get a license for it now. :frowning:

Scaleform integrates with UE4? Or did they rid of support also?

$300 per licence? Nasty!

How easy is it with Scaleform? Any tutorials for scaleform + UE4?

Scaleform makes interface design the easy task it should be. I am really surprised UE4 doesn’t ship with it. I would gladly pay an extra $5 a month just for scaleform access. Right now im sat with a subscription that leaves me feeling bitter even though everything else is superb.

Slate is a pretty nice system - it’s built on HTML5 and can be developed and tested in a web browser with live updates to the engine if set up properly. I don’t think there’s much documentation on how to use it yet (plus I think they’re still pushing out core features for it).

Ahh fair enough - Haven’t looked at Slate yet. I’m very surprised they decided to do networking before basic GUI tutorials.

Are you sure you’re talking about Slate?

CoherentUI is available too if that’s an option…