Any good tutorials for using UE4 and Kinect V2 for making animated films?

Hi guys. I intend to make some games at one point, but for now what I really want to do is JUST make CGI films. Can I do this with this engine? I saw a video on the Infiltrator tech demo, and a little video on the Kinect V2 support. I have a Kinect V2, the 2.0 SDK, and just got UE4 4.7.6. Is that all I need to get started, and does anyone have any good resources for using this engine specifically for making movies? Thanks =]

Come, can someone just give me a simple answer? Yes or no?

all that I have seen - tutorials for matinee. so, you need to record animation with kinect at any 3d software program and then export it to ue4 engine.


I did a huge research in the recent month for my own game project,
and well I found some “Fragile” programs where you can try to implement the motions of the
Pity is that those programs are not free. Their prices start at 150 € and higher.
So I hope there will be a possibility for a free use of such programs, such as it was in the first version of Kinect.

A plugin that really records motions for UE4 either via kinect or similar set up would really sell on the marketplace imo.

Blender has some support but you are going to have to put in some work. I haven’t seen a plug & play setup yet for this that didn’t have the price tag to go with it.

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Guys, seriously? there are two kinect plugins for UE4. you can whatever needed with them