Any good tutorials for local multiplayer?

I am trying to make a 2 player game (not splitscree), but cant really figure out how to add the second player. I tried making a copy of my character bp, and adding different input mappings then changin the input events for the 2nd character and simply adding this character to the map. But it did not react to any input so I guess it must be a bit more complicated than this. I read that I would need to create players, and use custom Player Controllers for them, but no real explanation on how to do it and thats about all I could find about this.

Read through the doco

and then watch through this serie

I know about these, but i haven’t gone through them as it is for online multiplayer and I want local multiplayer, for example like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Anyways I will check them maybe I will find something useful for my project as well. Thanks.