Any good reason to use Game State class in a very small, single player game?


I was just wondering what would be the advantages to use the Game State class object in a simple, single player game?

I have just finished a simple project. All I use is Game Mode class and storing all the values in there. By all the values I mean a score, nothing more really. As I am moving onto the next project, that will use a few player related variables changing during gameplay I am wondering, if it is worth using the Game State class for this one.

In theory using the Game State will be a more organized approach creating good habits for the future, etc… but on the other hand are a few variables worth it, if I can spare my self some extra blueprints communication?

Game Mode exists only on server. In a multiplayer game clients have no access to it. In single player there is no problem using it

If you dont want to support multiplayer gamestate isn’t needed, the thing you want is game instance. The game instance is active from beginning to the closing of the game.

Thx for the replies guys. Looks like there really is no reason to use Game State for a simple, single player project, keeping things really simple seems a much better idea.