Any good realistic lanscape textures?

Hi guys!

I’m in need of some ultra-realistic landscape textures (soil, grass, rock, etc.), but I don’t have any money and I’m bad at texturing. Does anyone have some textures I can use or link me to a site that gives away photo realistic textures for free?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

i got for my project arroway textures supporting me.
they got more architectural textures but also some pepples and stuff.

you might want to contact them if they give you access / permission to use them.

they are supporting me since 7 years without ever making problems.
so they got my vote and loyalty ;D


Give these guys a look:


I always get mine from: ://www.cgtextures/ :slight_smile:

cg tex are just pictures - so in order to have them as good textures you need to edit them alot.

Crow87 - how do you get access to the Megascans I have looked all over that site with no luck

They’re not actually out yet AFAIK - but there is a ‘starter pack’ included with the NDO/DDO suite.

Here is another good link where you can get landscape textures: ://udkresources/index.php/materials/

But you will have to export them from UDK :slight_smile:

4 days remaining… the suspense is awful.