any good Maya tutorials for manipulating anims?

I want to be able to take animations from free sources and manipulate them.
Add or remove root motion. Change rotations. add or remove or modify roots or other bones etc.

I don’t want to learn the entirety of Maya right now. Just what I need to know.
Anyone have any decent resources that target these particular aspects in Maya?

The easy and quick way would be for you to get the ART plugin for Maya ( which you already have since it’s in one of the installation folder ), create a rig for the character ( or use the mannequin ) and load the animations using the tools within ART.

Basically you can load the animation and then add/remove/tweak the controls on top of the original animation and you’re pretty much done.

I strongly suggest you to take a look at the entire tutorial series of the Animation and Rigging Tools on YouTube since in there you’ll find everything you need to accomplish your goal and have a better understanding of how the plugin works, so no need for you to learn the entirety of Maya.

Hey thanks!
I got the plugin set up and i got the learning videos. When i open the plugin drop down i dont see anything in the projects. And I dont seem to seem to see a way to load a project in there. My projects folder isn’t in my documents, its on a storage drive. Does it only look in the default epic folder? Any idea where to edit that?

You should see at least the Mannequin on the list ( Epic Games > Edit Character > Mannequin > you can either modify the skeleton or the rig ), basically is what you see on the video…or you can simply follow one of the first tutorial and create a character based on the mannequin itself ( which is automatically created as soon as you hit the “build” button ), so that you will have a project to work on…it’ll take less then 5 minutes to do that :wink:

Unless you have project you made using ART you can’t “load” a project, all the maya files created with ART are saved under the UE4 folder under the Program files folder…the documents folder is used for the UE4 content only ( .uasset ).

Ah gotcha. Ok I’m about to board a plane. I’ll tinker with it mid flight.