Any good hands-on tutorials for blueprints that help you make a basic game?

So, as the topic suggests, I’m trying to find a good tutorial for blueprints that will help me understand how to use blueprints to use in the game Im working on. I’ve done the basic ones like toggling a light and such, but I’m hoping to find a bit more on health, damage, when this happens - do this, etc.

I was hoping to follow along with a tutorial that covers this stuff, and well explains what’s going on. I also think I need to know a bit more about classes. I’m a little lost with blueprints at the moment, as we’re a couple of animators who can model and animate fine, but this sort of thing is a bit out of our experience!

Could anyone recommend me such a tutorial?

For everything with animations I would recommend you to take a look at this series (anim bp, char bp): - YouTube

This here is also a pretty good series which explains you how to create a health + damage system: - YouTube :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps Fighter, I’ll look into those after work today! You’re always replying to my nooby questions, thanks for your help!

In addition to Fighter’s suggestion, I highly recommend you follow up with – The Solus Project

Thanks Havoc, I shall do indeed!