Any GOOD 2.5D or 3D sidescroller tutorials out there?

As title says. Ive been looking for days now a tutorial for it. Im desperated. I dont even know where to start, specially talking about how to make the aim system, and how to interact with platforms, etc. It doesnt matter if it is a free tutorial or a paid one at this point. I just want to learn how to do it, or rather where to start. Im not completely new to unreal engine, my main concerns about what i want to do is how to make the aim system (through the mouse aim like a twin stick shooter), and how to for example, interact with upper platforms (so you can go through em in specific situations and so forth).

I went to some tutorials i found on youtube, but they are pretty confusing and old, too old (to the point that most of the things wont work for one reason or another) and thats it. Cant find anything about 2.5d side scrollers. I can find anything you want about first person shooters, but almost nothing about sidescrollers LOL. Im about to forget about unreal engine and switch to unity because its almost impossible to find tutorials about game mechanics if they are not first person shooters. Ridiculous.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah… On the launcher…

What do you mean “on othe launcher”?

These are the best tutorials I found on Udemy.

This focus’s on making a game using ONLY blueprints. Very useful to understand logic flow, and concepts.
You’ll be making a Battle Royal style game.

This is a C++ course. This is for beginners who want to learn C++ and coding.
You’ll learn basics of C++ and what pointers are, etc. Great start to C++ game development.
You’ll be making a Cow + Bull game, followed by a Escape Room.
They are busy updating the course to latest engine.

This is also a C++ course. A bit more advanced. The course moves quick so you’ll need to keep up.
The challenges are fun but challenging. Well worth it. Would recommend it.

Also, don’t worry if the course is 2D or 3D. The concepts are the same. Learn the engine, and how to figure out how to look for what you want, within the engine. Since the engine is open source, its so easy to dive into the code and see what gets done.

The only difference between a 2D and 3D game, is the 2D camera is fixed to a position, rather than following a character. It really is that simple.

Good luck

Where do you see they teach you a point-click aiming system in those courses? i laready watched thousands of tutorials, from udemy, skillshare, pluralsight, etc, youtube, etc,not to mention, udemy tutorials are the worst of the worst, and i told myself to not watch anything from them ever again, udemy should be banned from selling tutorials. I already know how the engine works, i did small games already, but that has nothing to do with to know how to make a specific point-click twin shooter aim system for a side scroller IN BLUEPRINTS (i dont want to know anything about coding if that was the case i would switch to unity asap). You guys are unbelievable lol.