Any getting started tutorial for UE4 game projects?

I have been playing with UE4 for about a month now. I have been using UDK for 2 years, so I know the basic things and setup that goes into a game.

However with UE4 several things have changed, such as the addition of Character class, moving player input handling from PlayerController to Pawn…

So is there a comphrehensive tutorial/documentation that explains the new architecture? I have seen bits and pieces here and there. But what I am looking for is a start-up guide, which explains what each class/module is responsible for (like PlayerController, AICOntroller, Pawn, GameMode, HUD,…) with a simple project being built up with it. This should not a technical article, but a walkthrough.

I have seen a lot of people putting stuff in the wrong places - I, for example tried putting player input handling in the player controller. I have a couple of programmer friends, who are new to UE and are confused about what should be placed in the GameMode blueprint…

So has anyone already written such an article yet?

This looks promising.

This may help too for UE3 to UE4 … blueprinting: My beta notes - such as they are - Documentation Feedback - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks. This is very useful.