Any Games With 2D Characters and 3D World?

I’m working on a game with two of my siblings, my sister has several years of character art experience as does my brother with 3D modeling, so we’ve decided to look into letting her handle the characters and him handle the environment art. But I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any games that use 2D sprites for characters in a 3D world, or has any opinion on that type of design they could share. Thanks!

Recettear does this in the dungeon segments. 2D characters, 3D environments. The characters obviously need to be done in a certain style, and the camera fixed, but Recettear makes it work pretty well.

I’m not sure if Paper mario is really what you’ve got in mind… as it really intentionally plays off it’s flat characters.

A lot of jrpgs do that with high degree of success, pretty much. Breath of Fire series (breath of fire 4), (already mentioned) Recettear, Persona 1 (PS1), Persona 2, etc. Also, almost every shooter from the 90s: duke nukem 3d, zero tolerance, Doom 1, Doom II, Hexen/Heretic, Wolfenstein.
Also, older The Elder Scrolls Series, for example Daggerfall.

Also see:

It is incredibly common technique.

Also, you could rotate camera in breath of fire, even though characters were sprite based.

Wouldnt billboard actors be perfect for this job?

What do you mean by billboard actors, that “griffon head” thing? (I only thought you got 2D in Unreal through sprites)

There’s content examples project:

Which is available through your launcher (you need to find it in “learN” section).

It covers use of sprites

What about Duke Nukem 1 and 2 in HD within Unreal Engine 4 2D Platform mode?