Any free city building software compatible with ue4?

Hello everyone. I am searching for a free city builder as I would need it in a project I am working on .But, I am in shortage of funds .If any one can suggest any such software or a link helpful enough. Please do comment as it is a tedious job constructing every building one by one using blender. Appreciate all the help I can get? Thank You .

It not a city builder but you may find this helpful.

Thanks Straight Shorty . I saw your link .Yes I found it helpful.This solved me my problem. Just asking , have you used this tool as I have a question whether it has a heightmap import option as in ue4 . Really appreciate your help.

Yes you can import what you create to ue4.

Oh I see. thanks for taking the effort for helping me out. I’ll ask for another help from you . If ever you come across any tool for city building please remember to post a reply . Appreciate you help again Straight Shorty.

Seriously is there nothing like this as in blender one of the tutorials had something like this

I expected such a powerful engine to atleast contain such a feature . The problem that will arise if I create a city as CG GEEK showed in the tutorial and import it , I won’t have control over the graphics enhancement inside the engine . Please have a look at the video and please reply if anybody has any thing in mind. Thanks.

I think blender did have a 3rd party plugin that allowed you to create mock cities. I think it was scenecity or city builder.

If you’re wanting to make something like GTA or The Division then that method would not work, there’s a lot you have to do to maintain quality and performance.

Yes you are a cent % correct darthviper107 . All the buildings will be of very low quality . Mayebe the meterial creation procedure is almost the same . The building graphics will fail .Maybe the engine might crash due to large import at a single go. I found a similar software but, look at the price tag.

Just visit the website and look at its value

How do they just keep such a high price tag ?
In another post of mine you and some others told me that a serious funding is required . I think I might even need God’s help too.

If you see the software is good but the question arises over there well how the put such a high price tag on sucha abasic software whose work is similar to city development . Now, obviously very few individuals are so sane or atleast have the funding can pay for it.

OH god, remind me of Microstation <3
20 years ago had my first CAD course on that software.

Bentley isn’t targetting indies & hobbyists :D:D:D
they target mostly engineering firms, construction company, and so on.
So yep, if you want to have some good looking city, using software used by those who IRL build those skyscrapers, building and city infrastructures it’s the right choice (as long as money isn’t a problem).

if you want a software that build AAA GTA city for free, that’s gone to be hard to find. I mean that if such things was available every indie and AAA studio would already use it.

if you want something free there python script for blender. You’ll get just lowpoly buildings.

You agree, it’s a tedious job and at the same time you complain about high price tag. That doesn’t match.

Yeah that surely doesn’t match . :slight_smile: But, if you have seen the video link in the above post I was thinking of trying to import .Hope my computer doesn’t show the message (not responding) .
I might try importing a full city but, I don’t think it is worth a try as I don’t think it would be strong enough not to crash.

Ever heard of RAGE .I think Rockstar keeps this a secret to themselves of creating a huge landscape .That is why RAGE is not available for sale . Top secret recipe kept top secret . Well I liked your responses .
Thanks rotwang and slyvain_I

A building’s lod is quite simple, most of the time it falls down to 10 polygons each. Either script a way to place the buildings or do it manually, the engine will run it just fine.