Any Force users wish to lend some eyes to a delayed homing missile BP Projectile Issue?

Hey! My goal is to have a secondary fire mechanism that launches missiles from my character’s chest. The intention is for the missile to go straight up and forward a bit (controls over each with some left/right variance), pauses then tight turn rotates while propelling itself towards the reticle at the time of launch.

While I’m sort of in the general area as you can see from this vid:

I’m looking for a lot more control, as the goal is to have “upgradable parameters” for the user to really hone in the performance.

I stitched the main part of the projectile BP for you guys to peek at. This handles the launch, finding the reticle hit point, and a “rotation mid-air” to get it aligned - then ends calling the “homing event”

Then this is the homing event:

Projectile Setup:

I even tried using the built in homing functionality (below) but I can’t get it to activate at all. If I’m controlling any velocity or anything from the BP it’s like the Projective Movement component just breaks and doesn’t work.

I think I’m looking for advice on how to really gain control over this:

  • The launch up with variance (+/- Right Vector). I’d really like to avoid any impulse or force, to make it look more mechanical.
  • The rotation (probably will overlap with the homing mechanism). Big issues with it rotating towards the ground atm as you can see in the vid.
  • The homing mechanism (with increased velocity as it goes. Speed controls but it shouldn’t sag - needs to make a beeline straight as an arrow).

Any thoughts? A log of beginner tutorials on using the built in homing, but nothing related to reticle use - its all lock on mesh orientated.