Any fellow developers on Mac?

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Unreal, I did subscribe a few months ago but haven’t really gotten around to using it much yet. I am on a Mac and have been able to get surprisingly good performance from Unreal, despite only having an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M with 512 MB for a graphics card, although I am currently looking into getting a proper gaming PC so that I can really push the awesome stuff that Unreal can do!

I was just wondering if anybody else here on these forums also plays around with Unreal on a Mac?

If so, feel free to share the settings you have found that are best for getting great performance on your system. I’ve found I can actually leave most of the post-processing effects on, and have full anti-aliasing on and still get great performance, as long as I set shadows to medium and shut off that “Grain” filter. Also disabling the “realtime” option in the viewport while editing levels makes a huge difference!

I have a feeling I’d get better performance still if my resolution wasn’t 2560x1440. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a MacBook Air. But the graphics card Intel HD 3000 is not supported. So I can’t do any dev on it. :frowning:

Pretty happy with it on iMac and Older . It’s certainly not as good as on Windows but the improvement from 4.0 to 4.4 have been pretty amazing. I tend to leave mine on full settings and just put up with it.

No kidding, I just upgraded to 4.4 and I can’t believe the improvements in performance! Not only was the editor running much faster (and crashed far less often), but the game ran almost completely fine in its own window, too! Although it did stutter a bit when I had more than 3 or 4 realtime lights in one area.

Aw man, that sucks. :confused: Well if you do get another Mac for development at some point, rest assured that an iMac has surprisingly good performance!

There are more improvements to come in 4.5, though they are likely to be subtle & very dependent upon the scene.

There should not be a significant difference between Mac OS X & Windows using the same OpenGL3 render path (you must run from the command-line using the -opengl switch on Windows). The big difference between Mac OS X & Windows in the default configuration, Windows uses D3D11 SM5 which has a few more features & more optimisation possibilities as a result. This means some effects are more efficient under Windows than OS X, as an example reflections captures are currently faster under D3D11 SM5 than OpenGL’s earlier than 4.3 on both Mac and Windows.
That difference should disappear once Apple update OS X to expose SM5 level graphics features.

Sorry about that, but right now UE4 needs more features and GPU power than the HD 3000 provides.

It’s OK, I have a PC as well. But it would be nice to do a bit of dev on the road! I have another HP laptop as well… but that is Intel HD 3000 graphics as well!

I use my mac for development a lot, the original release was…not usable…to be nice. But every release since then has seen significant improvements to the point where I can pretty much do whatever I need to on my macbook.

In comparison to what everyone has said, how would the new or iMac maxed out fair? Some say a slightly older iMac runs surprisingly well but what did you run to stress test it and how stable is surprisingly well?

I really prefer the smoothest performance I can get however I personally just don’t like PC’s. Would any of the new macs, aside from the (way too expensive), handle everything completely fluently while native?

I would just reference the listed recommend specs for UT as some standard but they aren’t really applicable to Mac.

Like I said above I have an older and it runs OK on that - REALLY need to get an SSD though. And I have latest top model iMac (24GB RAM, i7, best graphics option etc.) and its very very good especially on 4.4

I get in excess of 70fps in the editor and playing the game in the editor is 30-40fps, its not quite as good as on Windows but more than usable now, whereas with 4.0 that was certainly questionable.

I have an old Mac Book pro the stall when I try an load anything for UE4 on there.

This is what I was hoping for. Here’s to hoping they keep making improvements. How much of an improvement is there in windows on the iMac?

Also, does your iMac have an SSD, Fusion, or HDD?