Any experience with Sculptris?

Hey everyone, I am looking for some feedback on Sculptris. INot really UE4 but I’m wanting to use it for the pipe line. First and foremost, can you export models from Sculptris for further editing? I have been using Zbrush for a while, but I am just a hobbyist and the tools and interface are overly complicated (for me at least). I have spent hours not even sculpting, but just trying to get the interface and tools down. I am thinking of switching to Sculptris because I think the plain interface and lack of features will actually be more helpful. Plus I don’t need the super high poly count that Zbrush allows you to use.

I would like to make some models to rig and animate further down the line. Will Sculptris be a good starting point?

I use Sculptris a fair amount and it is pretty good at what it does (when it’s not crashing) but will not result in game ready models. You can export your models as an OBJ however you’ll find that exported models will require a fair bit of clean-up which is by no means easy to do.

Overall it’s a great little program for basic sculpting but I wouldn’t recommend using it in a game pipeline unless you are prepared to do an awful lot of work.

Well that is too bad. I guess Ill stick to Zbrush then. Heck, I did pay for it so I might as well embrace it. I have spent more than 100 hours lately trying to sculpt something, and it just does not turn out quite the way I want it. Frustrating. But hey I guess you have to put in the time if you want to be good. I thought maybe Sculptris would help with it’s dumbed down interface, but there is no point in using it if isn’t feasible. Thanks.

What if I try sculpting in Sculptris and then sending the model to Zbrush? If you could do that, would it correct any model issues when I export from Zbrush?

I used Sculptris for a period back in the time and its pretty enjoyable. Now I use zBrush Core and find it much more useful.

I’ve not used ZBrush so can’t tell you how you’d go about performing any mesh optimisations within it however Sculptris does have a GoZ feature which will transfer your sculpt to ZBrush.

My workflow is as follows…

Sculpt in Sculptris -> export as OBJ and import to Maya where I UV map and perform retopology to create a low poly clean version of mesh -> Export from Maya, import to substance painter where I texture + bake to low poly mesh.

I’m sure there’s an easier workflow however…