Any experience with non-skeletal FBX animation?

Hi everybuddy! :slight_smile:

I wanted to see if any of you had experience importing keyframe/object animation to UE4 via FBX as I’m having some issues.

I posted this to the answerhub (with pics) but also wanted to get some broader perspectives about the whole topic of keyframe animation in UE4 since solid answers have been kind of hard to find so far:

Basically I’ve animated a cable car along a spline using Modo’s dynamics system, baked down the animation, imported to UE4 and while it “works” and animates along the path, the rotation gets like 25deg off alignment over the course of the (long) animation. I tried the file in Motionbuilder and it looks fine (even re-exported from MB) but UE4 still exhibits this issue. Really worried as this is keeping the project from moving ahead- Anybody have experience in this area? Thanks for taking the time to read!



That’s odd, I’ve been able to do it just fine exporting from 3ds Max

Thx for the reply! Good to hear it’s worked elsewhere, I’m hoping it’s just some setting I’ve messed up somewhere. The fact that it came in fine to Motionbuilder does concern me though, just dunno where to hunt for issues :\

[deletion- thought I discovered something but I’m just an idiot- problem persists]

Ok so this is what I actually discovered- ealier I thought my centers were messed up but I was just looking at it in world space which does happen to relate to my findings:

Looking at the tram midway into the animation, it’s lined up straight but notice the center is showing the world space axis which when looking at it in UE4, it’s clearly tilting on the Z axis. There just has to be some silly switch I messed up somewhere or something :\

Fixed! Zeroing the transformation before baking any dynamics is the lesson I learned. Weird that no issue showed up in Modo and only UE4 but anyway, problem seems solved :smiley: