Any easy way to remove the Mate Boost buffs?

I don’t feel like editing every Dino separately. Is there a general setting somewhere that I could change?

Yes. I believe the mate boost is defined in Character_BP. Find the parent-most file of this type - I believe it is called Dino_Character_BP inside CoreBlueprints - and remove the boost from that.
If not, then it’s DinoCharacterStatusComponent found in the same place.
Unfortunately, this will require a TC as remapping either will not work.

Well, darn. Then I guess I can’t do that in the end ;_; Thanks for the info though.

If you go to PrimalEarlth/CoreBlueprints have a look at Dino_Character_BP… it is the parent class for all the dino character BPs.

You’ll find mate boost settings in there by searching for “mate”.