Any easy way to get world location values from a spline?

I’ve been trying to just get the Y value of a spline. I’m trying to have a character enter a trigger volume, use the spline to move him on the Y axis while he retains his own X and Z speed. basically he’ll be able to run around a loop just like Sonic the hedgehog. I already have the walking up walls/slopes programmed. That’s not the question. I JUST want to reliably get y position values of a spline based on where in the world, according to the spline, the character is. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

I actually figured this one out on my own though I really wish the spline component let you call for exact world locations along the spline and not at distances.

What I did was, I created box components along the spline at intervals. They rotate and iterate along the spline and they allow me to check for their world location. I got the idea from the spline examples. I took the idea from aligning the lanterns along the spline. I just worked it out a bit and made it work for me.