Any easy ****ing 3d modeling program?

I am honestly tied of all of thees unnecessary hard to learn 3d modeling program like blender and pretty much all other ****ing disgusting 3d modeling programs out there. They all can go suck a ****.

is there any 3d modeling program that isn’t so ****ing ******. And i am not going to ****ing buy ****** models and i am not going to buy a ****** little 3d modeling program that cost 2000$ a year.

No there is not, you won’t find a program that will do the job for you.

No perfect solution - some options (as you already know)

Blender (Free)

Maya LT ($30 month) -

ZBrush ($695 but they give you amazing updates every year)

MeshTool plugin. ($10) brand new. (not on marketplace yet but on

how about trying that ******* micro****soft **** 3d paint
its actually not that bad for basic models, no sculpting or anything ofc and nowhere near as powerful as a **** hard **** 3d modeling **** program
excuse my **** french

Hexagon 2.5 is a nice 3d editor which includes a Daz Studio bridge. Maya like interface

Known to be made a free download from time to time so worth putting on your wish list but at 20 bucks a good start as for the need of a simple editor.

I started with Blender about 4 years ago, and I currently know it back to front. It’s not hard to learn truth be told, you just need time and patience.

I havent seen this many stars since a small trip to the country side and enjoying the starry nights.

also, most 3d programs are easy if you put some effort into it.
Rome wasnt build in a day, heck its still not done.

Blender has pretty ****ing smooth learning curve. Should not be hard at all.

That is a shame. There are alot of ****ing great models being sold out there in the wilds. Otherwise you could consider contracting one of many ****ing great artists, that would do the modelling for you.

At some point you may or may not start earning ****ing great money and that won’t be a problem for you.

So much love and hate for modelling in one sentence. I certainly love it.
I definitely think that Spacedraw for Android is your software of choice. You should try it.

Here is a full list of 3d Modeling application) Maybe you can find one you like on here.