Any downside to having too many assets?

I’ve copied a number of assets from example content into my current project (in which I only use about 20% of them). Is this going to hurt my game in any way by leaving unused assets in my project? What I’m assuming is that it won’t affect game performance but might make the initial download/install longer, am I correct in thinking this?

The only down side is a lot of the sample assets are a bit difficult to harvest that only contains what you need and not the stuff that can become bound to the one thing you want. What you could land up with is 6 items of no use just for the one so you could add padding of useless assets.

As for anything else it’s all about project management and some form of source control you can draw from. You do not need to have everything ever made for your project in a single file but rather work in a modular fashion where the effort can be consolidated in a way that the game can be cooked to a deliverable package. Lots of ways to do it but if the the master build can see the complete asset catalog of say assets it sees with in a map it can just pull it from inventory to included as part of the packaging.

The trick to it all though is to know what you have, where it is located, how to included it in your working project, and how to commit changes in away the master can see the need items.

In theory you asset pool is really only limited by the amount of storage space available.

Ah, got it. Thanks for the reply!