Any documentation/examples for using Oculus Audio in 4.19

I was wondering if there’s any info available that goes beyond how to enable the plugin.

Not currently outside of Oculus’ own docs:

It would be nice to have a doc since there has been some major changes since 4.19.

specifically, is there any documentation on how it handles reverb/room modeling. there are the settings in the attached picture, but i don’t know how to access them (couldn’t find anything in blueprint, i.e. like the variables you can use with built in, phonon -steam- or resonance), but maybe there is some other way of accessing it?

i keep running into “just use wwise/fmod” and super broad 2000s era “this is game audio” “wow isn’t 3d cool” on the oculus site… which is irritating at best. not sure why the documentation is so high level and doesn’t actually show HOW to use the tech… reads more like a presentation to executives.

also, does anyone know if oculus will have its own take on obstruction/occlusion?