Any docs/information about UE4 server-client low-level protocols?


In general, I’m looking for a way to work with custom server + UE4 client.
I didn’t found any docs related to this nor any description about UE4 server-client protocols…

Since all info related to the UE4 dedicated server which I could found are about using Windows OS (even for compile for Linux!) – probably, I’ve missed something important.

So, here is couple questions:

  1. Is it possible to develop/run UE4 server on mac/linux (no windows at all)?
  2. Is there any info about UE4 networking protocols for replicating? Even in case if I’m using some custom server, it’s better just to re-use existing protocols, not to write all from scratch for the UE4 client…

Am I missing anything? Seems I’m digging in a wrong direction, since I can’t found any related information…

Of course, right after posting this topic I’ve finally found something useful (while searched for this info for few days already)…
In case if someone else interested: Connecting to a Third Party Socket Server in Unreal Engine 4

But still wondering why there are no official docs about this?

BTW, am I asking something wrong? Or is it very rare UE4 usage?

In my opinion, it’s pretty basic things, but there are too few info around and in similar questions there are no answers…

Oh, and here is a bit more info about the networking:

Thanks for your answers! You have help me greatly!