Any Damage wont trigger all the time. Is this the cause?

Triggers sometimes… after several punches. And its random… When Server trying to hit client…

  • First of all, your HandOverlap event should be Run on Server, because even though Apply Damage already only happens on the server, you would also want any checks run on the server too, just to avoid clients getting out of sync. This also reduces network bandwidth as the event doesn’t need to be run on every single client. Then, you should put the emitter in its own Multicast event, so that everyone sees it.
  • Next, I would recommend not casting before applying damage, since the damage system in Unreal Engine is essential built like an interface; hence it can be applied to any actor. By determining the Damage Type, and Base Amount, you can have each actor react to it however that actors needs to (destructible mesh gets destroyed, player reduces health, etc).
  • Finally, could you put a break point on Apply Damage, and Event Any Damage in your other characters? Right click on the nodes and Add Break point. Are they always being triggered?

-Changed it to server
-Removed the casting
The server still doesnt want to apply damage sometimes…

Stumped, could it be the ignore self part that is making things not trigger right “sometimes?”

Changed it to tags only same problem… maybe because its colliding with weapon too?