Any crashes in 4.9?

Hey guys, wondering if any of you are experiencing crashes on the newest UE4 engine update? I’ve been following the Drag and Drop training video from twitch and at random points, the Editor crashes. Thats not the bad part though; I’ve been losing saved data like crazy. I would reopen UE4 after a crash and find out some of my blueprints are missing and I get a whole bunch of compile errors from those blueprints magically disappearing. Been on UE4 for 4 hours and crashed 5 times, and I’m sad to say, so many of my blueprints have been destroyed, I have no progress to show for it. But yeah, I’ve already sent my error reports, but just needed somewhere to vent lol. So yeah, common occurrence or is there something wrong with my system?

Everyone crashes at some point :mad:

I had a lot of issues with 4.8.x and the hot reloading myself.
With 4.9, that is no longer an issue, but some changes between 4.8.x and 4.9 have caused issues in other areas (C++/Blueprint).

The thing to remember is that the UE4 engine itself is still technically in development.
Gotta take the good with the bad.

For me, venting comes in several forms.
Firing up UT4 and slaughtering bots always seems somewhat fitting :wink:

Oh right, I forgot all about UT4 haha. But yeah, the good side about these errors is recreating my blueprints helps me gain insight into how things work and the logic behind what the teacher is trying to accomplish.