Any chance somebody do a toggle first/third person please

Kia ora

Something simialr to this maybe BUT voice the explainations and explain it for beginners RPG at the end of a rod are NOT RPG’s IMHO. need something
like the Elder scrolls character controller

I been looking round and can’t find a tutorial that easy to follow, bless those that do tutorials but they seem to have lost therre voice and are late for an appointment
the speed they go is unbelieveable at time and so hard to follow. Epic coulds fix this by having it as a starter temple.

Here is an example that adapts the shooter tutorial code for toggling between first and third person.

Basically you need art work for first and third person characters, weapons, and animations. Then you set up the character code to have the meshes and animations swap out based on first or third person view state. Then you would use the camera manager to adjust the camera or switch the camera based on first or third person view.

The third person template isn’t meant to be an rpg template, it is meant as a template for any third person view.