Any chance for an official UnrealEngine Steam Test AppId instead of the notorious Spacewar Id?

Hi there!
Well, I read the doc ( and found some posts in here regarding testing the game with Steam.
It seems more like “just do it”, it is ok to use AppId 480 of the Spacewar SteamworkExample, but things might not work. So now I just wonder why this topic is that blurry.

I want to test my prototype game with some friends. (I guess this is the default usecase where you can use the TestId instead of aiming for your own AppID)
Steam seems to be the easiest solution to avoid messing around with Portforwarding or VPN, since I want to use Steam anyways for my further projects.
As the doc mentions I downloaded the Steamwork SDK just to realize that the SDK is already included in the UE. :slight_smile: I guess this is an old info, or is there any reason to load the SDK besides of updates?
I implemented this stuff, and yep I got the Spacewar Game Activity in my Steam-Account.


  • Since finding Session will be messed up of course, and Friendlist is not available for BP atm, I figure that they can join over the Steam-Client-Friendslist?
  • Spacewar. Ok, but why?
    It looks like a piracy hack thing now in my private steam account. This is the official opinion and taste you will find when you look up the Name. And the missing image and broken link and the name does not explain anything. :eek:
    Yes this is valves concern ^^… but:

By the epic might of epic games. If 480 is valves widespread notorious way of testing and cracking games… Would it be possible if you could get us UE worshipper a mighty Unreal Engine test ID that honors UE in our Steam Account?
I mean, you already have an app id for the Unreal Development Kit ( but it is no where mentioned that it is legal to use. (UE doc and every other post in here says 480)
I guess an own id would reduce conflicts in session lookups as well. And maybe you could even enable more features by that? (Dummy Achievements and so on).

Just my opinion. I really don’t want to surprise my tester with the suspicious Spacewar entry on their profile, that even can not be deleted ^^

With an epic please and an epic thx :slight_smile:

Bumping this because uh… Wow.

Yes same here, would be nice to have an UE4 steam id for all instead of “SpaceWar”.

interested on this too, following

Pretty much everyone out there uses SpaceWar?