Any better idea to implement the hitting sound of archery?

I am currently working on the archer’s weapon sound in the Unreal Engine for a game.

As you know, the hitting sound activates when fired arrow is judged to hit the target in the system. (I will call this as a “hitting sound” here) I’m thinking about the distance range setting where this hitting sound is heard.

When a character shoots an arrow, I want the player to hear its hitting sound even when the target is a long-distance away. To do this, I have to assign the Attenuation setting of hitting sound to be heard over a wide range. In this case, however, other players at a long distance from the sound location will also hear the hitting sound. It’s natural to hear from the nearby; my concern is those who are too far away.
If I set the attenuation value of the sound to be narrow, you wouldn’t be able to know if the arrow fired by your character hits the target because you wouldn’t hear the sound.

Here are my current thoughts for the implement:

  1. When a hitting judgment occurs, two identical hitting sounds are played.
  2. One of them is played in a wide distance range and only heard by the player who shot.
  3. The other sound is heard by everyone except the shooting character and played in a shorter distance range.

The most important things to concern here:

  • I need to have the player hear a hitting sound when its fired arrow hits a long-distance target.
  • I want other players at a distance from the hitting location not to listen to the sound.

I really wonder if there could be any better ways to implement this. Any little tips or ideas will be appreciated!