Any American citizen able to help?


If anyone is near an IRS office and want to make a quick $50.
Can you please just go there and ask them what my ITIN number is.

I have phoned them 7 times now. Each time i was placed on hold for 75 minutes.
I cant do it. I just cant.

I am willing to pay if its possible to walk in there, and ask them what my ITIN number is.
Surely they must have processed it by now considering i gave them the forms last year October.


They are not going to give your ITIN to anyone other than you.

I filed for my wife’s ITIN and they wouldn’t even give it to me when we lost it. They sent me a prior tax return that had it on it though.

Your best bet is to keep calling them.

Is a government service so bad in America?

seriously? I always taught America was the greatest country on earth, when I am on hold for 100 minutes in my country I always say if only I was living in America LOL

Really? Where are you living? Regarding companys USA may be the greatest country on earth, but most else… smiley_emoticons_eazy_kotz_graete.gif

It gets worse… A scammer can probably help you out faster than the IRS Crocopede.
Sadly, America doesn’t seem to be what it once was, but maybe its just a blip in the curve…

“Biggest IRS scam around: Identity tax refund fraud
Con artists have been filing bogus tax returns and collecting millions. Steve Kroft finds out how far the scam has gone and why the IRS hasn’t been able to stop it”

That really sucks.
Guess i will keep trying then.

A dev here said if i phone 1pm this side i should get through.

You guys are ok that side. The scam artists file fraudulent tax returns. Over here the head of our TAX service was replaced because he inquired about the corrupt gov’s tax business. :wink:

That same type of corruption is hyper-common here in the US. It’s just hidden behind a veneer of respectability. I’d honestly say it’s MORE corrupt than places where the corruption is visible, because hiding the corruption involves further, more widespread corruption.

I dont know if its worse. The states have something to show for their tax money. Fraud and corruption is everywhere. But some governing bodies still have enough respect to only steal a quarter, or half of their budgets. Feeding the rest back into the systems it was intended for.

However here, the president decided to build a 230mil rand house. Thats about $23Mil
And just said, oh im sorry. I didnt ask for the upgrades. People just decided to come and build me a new house so i dont have to pay back your tax money for this because i did not ask for it to be done.

Sometime i wish i lived in that world. A world where a few thousand workers rock up with massive machines and tells me… hey man! we are build you a new house weather you like it or not. But dont worry, it wont be your money we ask.