Any alternatives to Google AdMob?

Hi. Is there a (free) way to use ad networks or mediation services other than Google AdMob?

I have some balance in Unity Ads from previous games I’ve released with Unity. Now I’m switching over to Unreal Engine and would love to keep using the Unity Ads network. Based on my old research, Unity Ads pays more than Google AdMob (most of the time), so it was the recommended approach.

I’ve seen a $30 asset on the Marketplace, and the majority of the questions regarding the same topic were answered in 2015-2017.

Is there a way I can bypass Google AdMob mediation completely and use Unity Ads? If not, are any other ad networks or mediation services supported by Unreal Engine? I would ideally prefer a free way if possible.


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Hi. Thank you for the reply. I am definitely interested. Is there “documentation” anywhere? The only samples I could find were for Android app development.


Yes, there is an Admob + mediation plugin on [Unreal Admob Plugin]. check it out and it is free.
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AdPumb is the top AdMob Alternative for ad mediation. AdMob offer only low eCPM and fill rate.