Any Alternative ways to delay a blueprint function?

You can set timers by events or by function name.

More information on blueprint timers is available here:

What’s alternative way to call a Delay Node in a blueprint function?

Is it also even possible to have a custom event connected to delay node in the event graph and then be called through a function? I’m looking for a way to delay the function before it removes the viewport from parent, which is being called from a function of a blueprint. I would appreciate any advice.

Building on what LogierJan suggested, you can actually delegate away from a function like so:


And the timer does not go out of scope which is both great and terrifyingly difficult to debug :smiley:

Which would Print 1, 2 and 3 one second apart each. In addition, you can bind and unbind delegates inside a function - that’s another way to execute latent actions based on a timer running elsewhere.

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