Any advice for the reason why my muzzle flash is not spawning?

Hello!!! My muzzle flash is not spawning at all. I do not see the Niagara system spawn anywhere. I have tried changing the niagara system, scaling it to see if the system its too small to see, and checking if the effect spawns way above/below/right/left of the character; but it has not worked or have found the problem. This is the blueprint part for the flash I am using. If need more screenshots of the blueprint or more information, I will provide.

You need to attach it to a Socket. Based on your picture it is set to None. Your weapon mesh should have a socket with a name for that.


Hello! You mean here?

And put the name of the socket in the weapon mesh.


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Ok ok. Let me try it

It worked! Thanks for the help.

P.S. I had to disconnect the location and rotation too, for it to work.

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