Any advice for Matinee camera movements that acts like a Camcorder?

Hello, does anyone can tell me in what way i can improve my camera animation via matinee, so the animation i made can get a more authentic feel to it? Its kinda stiff currenty and im try to avoid making an skeleton with animaion for it. So is there some kind of “noise” i can use or stuff i can archieve with the curves editor?
Or does anyone have some “advice” for me ?

would be nice tho

Play World Camera Shake

…can apply a constant simulation of “shake cam” effect to nearby cameras. Simply set it to point at a location the player camera will be passing through or is constantly located in, depending on your desired implementation.
From that point on any generic “UE4 Camera shake tutorial” video will do.
Not sure how applicable it really is if you don’t want your camera to shake for the entire duration of the Matinee. You’ll have to do some tinkering to get a realistic effect and even then it’s not gonna look as good as it would’ve by attaching a camera to a rigged and animated player model.