Antilatency for camera tracking/ filmmaking

So far the plugin in the SDK provided by Antilatency for Unreal - works flawlessly! …it was just as easy as they claim to install with literally zero tweaking involved. (I am using the wired socket; the wireless socket does require a bit more set up esp if you are running multiples) - it does only work in Play mode, and I assume this is simply as far as they’ve taken it as far as the amount of dev they’ve put into integration with Unreal - but none the less it is so easy to configure
Note you do have to create either a custom game mode or run on RenderToTexture_Game in order to change the default pawn class to their provided BP_AltSimplePawn . As far as recording the tracked footage of course there is may ways to do that. They raised their prices to around $900 for everything you need to get going including a 10x10 flooring or ceiling system with included prepositioned sensors. Initially they were selling the system for $500 but its so good I think they realized they had a hit so that didnt last. Its totally worth it with the time it saves you as opposed to having to position sync the sensor with a VR camera for every shoot; It literally takes 5 mins to get going with zero jitter with the wired socket. Note the wireless unit will occasionally have a little jitter esp if or when there is a little radio interference, but if you are using gimbals to stabilize your shots, the wireless unit might be necessary so that a wire doesn’t interfere with the gimbal.
If you are getting into Unreal for filmmaking friend me up!
Unreal if you are listening - work with these guys; their system is really just what people want - no question about it…


Hey @anonymous_user_b6d88ace!
Thank you for such great feedback. We are doing our best to make the user experience friendly and effective. Also, we are always open to any ideas and wishes from your side.

You guys are doing a great job and I’m more than happy to “brag” about your system. You can def help me help you -become the standard :wink: -by helping me figure out how to match the lens settings of a real world camera with the Unreal PIE mode perspective …There is so much that aspiring filmmakers can do with just Unreal with Antilatency …if you can just do one thing - easily sync the perspective (ie 24 mm lens) with the perspective of the play mode perspective. Of course Aximmetry is an option. However, how many small production filmmakers can realistically learn both Unreal for filmmaking and Aximmetry? Thats way too much. I would suggest; make it easy for people to do great things using Unreal w Antilatency by modifying the SDK Unreal blueprint [ BP_AltTracker camera? ] that you guys have provided - to include settings to allow you to match the real lens settings w Playmode perspective/lens settings. Done; films are popping up everywhere made with Antilatency…

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@anonymous_user_b6d88ace What’s your handle on Instagram, let’s connect. I’m also an indie filmmaker and I use Antilatency.


So for everything I’ve done was pre camera tracking …but at this point I am very much hoping to find myself working on the kind of creative projects that would require camera tracking
As a visionary, creative director, and director I’m pretty capable - Im still at the 1 man team stage at this point though.
Im wondering if the latest update for Antilatencies SDK made implimaentation into Unreal any more streamline - have you done the latest update? I also experimented with a (later) ipad for camera tracking and that route is def a contender - maybe just a back up in case you run into issues w Antilatency (like you need more space) …