Antilatency Camera Calibration help

Has anyone gotten any luck with antilatency and the 4.27 camera tracking and calibrating using the antilatency system?
Im running 4.27 with livelink xr. I used the openVR driver from antilatency, then using steamvr without the hmd option using the null driver to get the livelinkxr data into unreal.

I’m using decklink duo 2 cards with the sony a7s2.
The sensor size i use is 35.6mm x 20.025mm to maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio. As for lenses i canon ef lenses with a metabones adapter (no speedbooster)

To substitute for the vive tracker calibration i made my own calibration tracker blueprint. i used the antilatency mesh and added the calibration point to the origin of the blueprint which happens to be the light point for the Alt Tag.

I’m able to get pixel errors of 0.3 to 0.5 when doing lens distortion calobration by using around 20 or so pictures of the checkerboard. But when i use the nodal offset calculation, i still parallax errors even when we move the calibration tracker in 3D while keeping the camera and its tracker steady for nodal offset calibration. We use around 10 points. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hey Conanan,
I just received my Antilatency System and trying too hook it up with Unreal via LiveLink for Cameratracking and VP. Did you solve your issue and could you maybe give me some insight on how you do the callibraion of the system in Unreal with your Blueprint? The only callibration I have seen so far with Antilatency was done by Aximmetry.

Best regards

I’m having a hard time getting the data to livelink, I did setup openVR and I see an icon that the device was found on my SteamVR. However I do not get any data in my Livelink. Can you explain how you did this?
Do you need to put in the connection string? Or an serial number of the device?