Antidote Early Access

Hi there,
for many years now am I looking here and there on these forums to grasp/give some tips about UE and VR…
Now I’m happy and proud to say that our game has been released today on Steam !

Antidote is a VR escape game we made to offer something new, presented, immersive and using computing benefits (next to physical escape rooms). To ensure the replay value of the game, random has been added here and there (mysteries codes, objects storing…).
It has been started with 4.9 (r&d, manipulations, moves…) and is now developped under 4.25 with HTC Vive (Oculus Rift coming soon, Valve Index coming later), it took around 1 1/2 - 2 years work for us until this release.

Here is the trailer to show you what it looks like :


We are a 3 headed team, but I am the only developper (so yes, I’m saying I’ve developped a whole VR game all alone and yes I’m pretty proud :slight_smile:;base64

Steam page of the game

Thanks a lot to all af you who helped me during the development of the game !

Clement - Teapot Creation

The real life footage for the trailer was a great intro - congrats!

Thanks @VictorLerp !

The game is now compatible with Valve Index and Oculus Rift (v0.9.1).
Next to come : a brand new menu !

I’ve added a new menu as announced last time.
Next to come : steam achievements. V1.0 is not far !

Steam achievements are in, many (last ? I hope so) bugs fixes.
Next to come : who knows ? :wink:

The game just came out of Early Access, hurray ! :slight_smile: