Anti piracy?


how does one implement anti piracy in Unreal ?

  • getting steam id of the player who cracked the game ?
  • detect the game files have been tempered
  • are drm’s still relevant ? how do I implement this
  • Steam/Epic… interface with my game ?


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I looked into this a lot when I released my game. Basically, there’s nothing you can do.

The Steam DRM, will stop someone from just copying the game to their friends’ computer, but can be removed by anyone with a bit of determination.

The only way you can really protect the game, is to give it out for free, and then charge for add-ons, that the hacker morons can’t keep up with. Great example of this: Fortnite.

There are also some very good articles outlining how piracy is good for indie games:

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I saw a lot of people advising to release many pre pirated version of the game as torrents indeed

but I wanted to know how they technically did it in Garry’s mod or other games, punishing the hacker in a smart/fun way

Talos for instance stops woring in the elevator, mid game

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Yeah, I would like more info on this, especially from someone who actually works at Epic, seeing as you guys know your application inside and out.

If the game is released on the Epic Games store, is there built-in anti-piracy?

Also, there’s enough of “don’t sell the game”, “give up on it”, etc.

I would like a proactive answer.

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There’s nothing you can do :slight_smile:

If you can find a solution, you will be world famous.

This is why companies like Epic totally changed the monitization model. That’s why Freemium is a thing now.